The cooperation with the pianist Claudia Peréz Iñesta aims to expand the original repertoire written for piano-accordion duo, investigating also the field of instrumental theatre. The Duo debuted in October 2019 at Akademie der Kunste Berlin; among the cooperations, it is remarkable the one with the german composer Nikolaus Brass ( )


Azione_Improvvisa Ensemble 

Contemporary music ensemble – theorbo, accordion, electric guitar and electronics


Alambic Duo

Alambic Duo concert activity aims at proposing a repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music. The Duo steadily cooperantes with contemporary music composers (first of all Gianluca Castelli –, premiere of “Alambic”, Festival Contrasti; May 2015, Trento).
In September 2017 the Slovenian Rai promotes a radio program entirely dedicated to the Duo. September 2019 the chamber music group was presentes from Shanghai International Culture & Arts for a 20-days tourèe: Fun Theatre Hangzhou, il Grand Theatre di Ningbo, Concert Hall Yangzhou, Grand Theatre di Mudandjiang, Kunming Theatre, Concert Hall Harbin, il Grand Theatre Heyhuan, Development Area Grand Theatre Dalian.

Alambic Duo – Canale YouTube


Contemporary Music Education 

Research partecipative projects between poetry, music, theater and improvisation; with or without use of technology. 
In cooperation with Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, Pergine Festival, MUSE Museum Trento, Yu&Me ensemble, Teatro di Pergine and Istituto Comprensivo Marie Curie (TN Italy). 

Involved composers:
Gianluca Catelli, Valentina Massetti-Raul Masu, Yu Fujiwara, Daniela Fantechi 

azione_improvvisa ensemble, Emanuele Dalmaso, Nicolò Nigrelli, Yu Fujiwara, Scott Reynolds, Lara Süss

The Kites Technologie:
Raul Masu design and development 

So wie ein Naturhauch…verklang… participative project for ensemble and school children 
Drei Gedichte, Gianluca Castelli, for ensemble

Il pendio, a little piece of darkness, Valentina Massetti-Raul Masu, for ensemble and school children improvising with The Kites, agumented percussions 

The Kites


Paulchens grösster Traum, Yu Fujiwara, music tale for percussions, accordion and voice