BEYOND/OLTRE Stradivarius – new release

New release for Stradivarius with 1. Samir Odeh Tamimi (1970) TSALALIM (Schatten) 2007 for Accordion 2. Roberto Vetrano (1982) ACUSTICA III for Accordion and ghost sounds (2022) Keiko Karada (1969) Book I (2014) Accordion and electronics 3. Detour 4. Sprinkled Efforts 5. Anticipation 6. Hen-Pu 7. Younghi Pagh-Paan Ne Ma - Um (1996/98) für Akkordeon […]

BEYOND/OLTRE – solo concert and presentation of the CD

Cortile interno Palazzo Piazza Gavazzi - sede CRAV Pergine Valsugana Piazza Gavazzi 5, Pergine Valsugana

Music by Manuela Kerer and Roberto Vetrano Presentation facilitator  Alessandro Pogliani (SentireAscoltare)  

40″KlangRoom – audio video project by Azione_Imrpovvisa

Le Garage Lab Trento Vicolo dalla Piccola, 8, 38122 Trento TN

Projection of the 2 series of 40" KlangRoom, project by A_I in cooperation with KOTTOMFilms. 18 audio video miniature by 18 contemporary music composers. Project, rec, editing and mixing: Azione_Imrpovvisa Video: KOTTOMfilms

OTE On the Edge – solo concert

St.Johann Konstanz

Music by Anna Sowa, Manuela Kerer, Manos Tsangaris, Nicolaus A .Huber Premiere by Anna Sowa

Tastatüren – duoPlus

Silent Green Kulturquartier Berlin

New music project with duoPlus and Catalina Vicens