BEYOND/OLTRE – solo concert and presentation of the CD

Cortile interno Palazzo Piazza Gavazzi - sede CRAV Pergine Valsugana Piazza Gavazzi 5, Pergine Valsugana

Music by Manuela Kerer and Roberto Vetrano Presentation facilitator  Alessandro Pogliani (SentireAscoltare)  

40″KlangRoom – audio video project by Azione_Imrpovvisa

Le Garage Lab Trento Vicolo dalla Piccola, 8, 38122 Trento TN

Projection of the 2 series of 40" KlangRoom, project by A_I in cooperation with KOTTOMFilms. 18 audio video miniature by 18 contemporary music composers. Project, rec, editing and mixing: Azione_Imrpovvisa Video: KOTTOMfilms



Solo pocket concert Music by Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Roberto Vetrano and Daniela Fantechi (w.p)

OTE On the Edge – solo concert

St.Johann Konstanz

Music by Anna Sowa, Manuela Kerer, Manos Tsangaris, Nicolaus A .Huber Premiere by Anna Sowa

Tastatüren – duoPlus

Silent Green Kulturquartier Berlin

New music project with duoPlus and Catalina Vicens